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Dead Weight Blog Tour: All Aboard

by M. Todd Gallowglas

“This is an amazing time to be a fan. At no other point in history has there been such a popular acceptance of geek and nerd culture coupled with the ability for independent artists to get their work out in front of the public…Without having to rely on corporate giants…


Interview with J.A. Pitts

by Jennifer Brozek

Bravado’s House of Blues by J.A. Pitts is a wonderful read of speculative fiction of dark and light, triumph and failure. His short story collection is the type of book to keep around, to read one story at a time, and to savor each one to its fullest. These stories…


The Science Fiction of Cyberpunk Has Become Science Fact

by Christopher Kellen

Two years ago, when I sat down to start writing on my first novel, THE CESTUS CONCERN, I had it in my head that I was going to be writing a futuristic cyberpunk novel loaded with science fiction. After all, the book was populated with high tech bionic men with…


Chris Kellen’s #RoadToWorldCon2014: The Countdown

by Christopher Kellen

According to the countdown widget on my HTC One, 111 days remain before the start of WorldCon 2014/LonCon3. The picture above is the London ExCeL Centre, the venue for this upcoming gathering of authors, fans and media personalities from around the world. In 111 days, I will be there. I’ve…


Jeff Carlson’s Adventures In Self-Publishing: What I’ve Learned So Far

by Jeff Carlson

Jeff Carlson is the author of Plague Year, Plague War (a finalist for the Philip K. Dick Award), and Plague Zone. To date, his work has been translated into fifteen languages worldwide. His short stories and nonfiction have appeared in a number of top venues such as Asimov’s, Boys’ Life, Strange Horizons and the Fast Forward 2 anthology. His latest book,The…


SINS OF THE FATHER Nominated for IndieReCon Best Indie Novel 2014

by Christopher Kellen

The Genre Underground is very pleased to announce that our own Christopher Kellen’s SINS OF THE FATHER (military science-fiction) has been nominated for the IndieReCon Best Indie Novel 2014 award! Voting is open from 2/24/2014 through 2/27/2014. Stop by the IRC-BIN 2014 site and check out the nominees and cast…


Review – The Circuit : Executor Rising

by Christopher Kellen

Full Disclosure : I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I do not know the author personally, except for our brief interactions by email. The Circuit : Executor Rising is a fast-paced and enjoyable science fiction yarn that takes place in a most…


Review: The Cabal of Thotash by J. Zachary Pike

by Christopher Kellen

Amazon US The Cabal of Thotash is an urban fantasy… Sort of. Let’s start at the beginning. A mysterious cult devoted to an evil Lovecraftian deity meets in an unventilated basement once a week, and everything is going well enough. Honoring the Contract, doing evil deeds, making sacrifices of innocents…


Review: PRIEST by Matthew Colville

by Christopher Kellen

PRIEST is perhaps one of the more perplexing books I’ve read this year. Let’s start with the good, as I am oft wont to do. Contained within the covers of PRIEST is a compelling central narrative, structured around a priest and former “campaigner” (which appears to be this world’s word…