The Stolen Songbird

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DON’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ IN THE DREDFULS. In a Victorian Age unlike any other, Jack Fletcher and Molly Harper are the heroes of the penny dreadfuls, serving Her Royal Majesty Victoria III, Regina, and inspiring child and adult alike with their tales of derring-do. But the truth behind the dreadfuls is far different. Jack and Molly are not two people, but many. Children of the Blood are Tested each midsummer, and those with the Talent are trained up to serve the fey and earthborn crowns of the Britannic Alliance. Harry – the latest in a long line of Inquisitors. She won’t let her oddly mismatched Talents stop her from following in Jack Fletcher’s footsteps to defend the Crowns from those who would destroy them. Shay – a healer and a scholar. Her one desire is to fulfill the destiny predicted by her mother’s Sight…to parlay her Talent into the means to find the Alliance’s enemies in either realm and bring them to justice. Rachel – the first songbird born to the Alliance in a hundred years. As the only daughter of the Earl of Greystones, she is for want of nothing, and the power of her voice alone can stop a war…or start one. The first adventure of Vines Trinity sets them on a path of discovery and adventure, pitting them against shadowy forces whose only purpose is to snatch the untrained songbird and turn her to their own nefarious schemes.


Bless Your Mechanical Heart

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“Bless your mechanical heart…”

Since its earliest days, science fiction has explored the notion of a walking, talking, thinking machine, reflecting back our own humanity through their glass eyes, exploring their own humanity framed in the symmetry of programming and gears, trapped in a cage of synthetic flesh and metal bone. What happens when what we’ve made in our own image becomes more like us than we ever imagined? Robots in love. Robots at war. Robots who weep and dream. Robots who aspire to be on equal footing with their makers…or even possibly exceed us.

In Bless Your Mechanical Heart, Award-winning editor Jennifer Brozek brings together a team of writers, both new and established, to explore one of the most enduring archetypes in the science fiction genre with a tip of the hat to one of the most endearing and versatile phrases in Southern culture. Featuring stories by Peter Clines, Jody Lynn Nye, Seanan McGuire, Fiona Patton, Jean Rabe, Ken Scholes, and Lucy A. Snyder.


Sins of the Father


We are very proud to announce that Christopher Kellen’s SINS OF THE FATHER has been nominated for the IndieReCon Best Indie Novel 2014 Award!

Voting is open from 2/24/2014-2/27/2014.

“…when I find an interesting, likable story line I hate to see it end.” – Amazon.com User Review

“Extremely compelling.” – Amazon.com User Review

The First Administrator rules the Kildare star system with an iron fist, and he will do anything to keep his power and authority from slipping away. Even if it means sentencing millions of people, his own citizens, to death.

Only one person can stop him: his own daughter, unjustly convicted of treason seven years ago, and consigned to a prison that doesn’t officially exist. Even after making a daring escape, slipping past assassination ships that strike from behind cutting-edge cloaking technology, and facing the dangers of navigating five-dimensional physics, Trace Atherton must overcome the mental paralysis brought on by seven years of imprisonment, and reclaim her confidence as a commanding officer… before more innocent life is sacrificed atop the pyre of her father’s ambition.

SINS OF THE FATHER is a military science-fiction thriller that moves at light-speed–if you’re a fan of David Weber’s Honor Harrington, David Drake’s Hammer’s Slammers or Lois McMaster Bujold’s Vorkosigan Saga, make SINS OF THE FATHER the next book you read!


Etchings of Power

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A legendary killer without a memory, a gifted student who has lost his way, a vengeful assassin on an impossible mission, an old mentor whose only wish is to save her people. Kingdoms separate them but their fates are intertwined.

The opening stanza in a new epic fantasy series that delves into the themes of war, corruptible power, love, betrayal, and absolution in the world of Denestia. Currently four books available with a fifth coming.

Ryne Waldron, a living legend at the edge of madness is haunted by a murderous past and the voices of his power that whisper in his head. Hunted, he strives to defend a village he swore to protect. But his enemies might be closer than he could ever suspect.

Ancel Dorn, a gifted student, struggles with rejection and must accept who he is or perish to the creatures that stalk him and his parents. When he discovers he’s targeted for death by beings that seemed to have stepped from the history of an ancient war, his only choice is to flee.

Irmina Nagel
, Ancel’s former lover, and an assassin sent to find Ryne, is mired in her quest for revenge on Ancel’s parents, and must set aside her emotions or fail her final test. What she discovers may not only change her life but the world as a whole.

Caught between warring nations, vengeful leaders, magic and steel, myth and men, the fate of millions hang in the balance. Who can unite the kingdoms against a common threat? Who shall bring the power that drives the world to heel? Who will walk the knife’s edge of harmony? If none can, then Denestia is doomed.


Dragon Fate

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Dragon Fate, the first book in J.D. Hallowell’s bestselling War of the Blades series, is a heroic fantasy adventure in the classic tradition of the genre. Delno Okonan is a young former soldier eager to put the swords and strife of war behind him, when a chance encounter leaves him inextricably entwined in a tangled web of dragons, magic, and intrigue, as he struggles to find his place among dragons and men, and stave off a plot by renegade dragon riders that threatens all he now holds dear.


The Cestus Contract


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Read The Science Fiction of Cyberpunk Has Become Science Fact by the author,
Mat Nastos!

The thrilling, high-octane sequel to the Amazon #1 Best Selling Science Fiction and Cyberpunk Title, The Cestus Concern. 

Malcolm Weir returns on a mission to bring the down the men who destroyed his life…but his greatest enemy may be himself!

Following his escape from Project Hardwired, Weir arrives in Manhattan to track down one of the men responsible for stealing his life and turning him into the cyborg killer known as Cestus. Unbeknownst to him, the government isn’t quite ready to let him unravel their plans and are ready to do whatever it takes to stop him.

Fans of films like “Bourne Identity” or “Smoking Aces,” or the comics of Deadpool and Wolverine, will love the over-the-top science fiction action of “The Cestus Contract” by Mat Nastos.


Bravado’s House of Blues


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“The 14 short works of science fiction and fantasy show that Pitts is comfortable with a wide range of settings; as ordinary as the soundstage of “Black Blade Blues” (linked to Pitts’s Sarah Beauhall books) and exotic as the alien world of “Towfish Blues,” as fantastic as the fairy kingdom of “Mushroom Clouds and Fairy Rings” and as familiar as the university campus of “Three Chords and the Truth.”  … Pitts often turns to art and romance, those most human of activities, to anchor the stories.”

      —Publishers Weekly


Life Without Fear



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The Bourbon Street Ripper is still at large. Three victims have met with horrific ends. With both of their partners out of commission, detectives Rodger Bergeron and Dixie Olivier must team up to track down the killer.

Meanwhile, Sam Castille and Richie Fastellos try to clear Sam’s name as the evidence mounts against her. With the mystery of the original killings starting to come full circle, the race is on to stop the copycat before another falls prey!

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Dreamwielder is an exciting tale that blends the high adventure and courtly intrigue of the classic epic fantasy with a fresh, new magic born of the infinite and dangerous power of dreams. Plots and plans are intricately woven into a bold adventure that rockets to a thrilling and satisfying conclusion in the grand tradition.” —Misty Massey, author of Mad Kestrel

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Halloween Jack and the Devil’s Gate


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“Halloween Jack and the Devil’s Gate was a fantastic read! I picked the book up and couldn’t put it down till I reached the end.” Amazon Review

After centuries of scheming and plotting, the Devil and his minions finally get the better of Jack o’ the Lantern, that mythic figure who created the Jack o’Lanterns which keep humanity safe on All Hallow’s Eve, the Darkest Night.

With the dark creatures free to roam as they wish, Jack’s last three descendants, Boston born Irishman John O’Brien, Moira O’Neil who knows the special ritual to close the Devil’s Gate, and Daniel McRory the inventor must take up the mantle of Jack of the Lantern and create a new legend great enough, and terrible enough, to scare the Dark Lord and his dark legions back into their dark realm.