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Do you have an idea for an article, want to review a book you think people need to hear about, or have an author you’d like to interview? Would you like to just submit your book for the Book of the Week? Contact us with your idea [genreunderground (at) gmail (dot) com] and if we think it’s right for us, we’d be happy post it.


We’re looking for intelligent and savvy readers who love science fiction, fantasy, and/or horror to become readers for The Genre Underground. Basically, we want you to tell us what books we should have in our library. You’ll get free reads from writers who want to join The Genre Underground, or who are submitting their book as “The Book of the Week.” You can also recommend books you think other people would enjoy too.


Our founders M Todd Gallowglas and Christopher Kellen created The Genre Underground as a resource for readers to find quality science fiction, fantasy, and horror without having to sift through the jazz hands/white noise of hundreds of new writers every month shouting, “Buy my book.” We’re looking for writers passionate about great books and helping readers find the kind of books they personally want to read. Yes, in the end, we’re all hoping to get some exposure for our work; however, we believe that we should take a reader’s preferences into account before suggesting any books. When you get down to it, have you ever met a reader that only wanted to read just one book? The Genre Underground believes that in serving readers first, we ultimately serve ourselves. If you agree with this philosophy, we’d love to talk to you about become a contributing author for The Genre Underground.

Because The Genre Underground’s mission is to service readers rather than writers and publishing houses, and we don’t charge any advertising fees for books listed on our site, all work submitted to The Genre Underground is on a voluntary basis.