Q&A With the GU

M Todd Gallowglas asks:

What does the Genre Underground mean for you?

Robert Eaton

The Genre Underground is a home for the dark minds of the Indie community’s seedy underbelly. It’s a place where writers and readers alike can come to share their passion for magic, technology, and gore. It’s a back alley where readers can come and say “Psst…do you have any books about…”

Genre fiction has always been a bastard child; even in the world of traditional publishing, genre fiction is banished to “specialty” publishers like Tor and Baen. It only makes sense that these genres would find a similar safe haven in the Indie world. There are already Indie communities out there, but none that specialize in the dark arts – fantasy, science fiction, and horror. The Genre Underground fills that void, bringing Indie genre fans together for the first time.

Above all, the Genre Underground is a place to find books that you will love. Books that will make your imagination sore, your skin crawl, and your blood boil. Books you won’t hear about on Oprah, but you will treasure because they are the right books for you. There are books written for the mindless masses, written to touch everyone and no one at once. Then there are books written just for you; the kinds of books you will only find out about at the Genre Underground.

AE Marling

Psst! Follow me and I’ll show you.

Walk through dark passages, touching the slick wall. See glimmers in the distance. Watch for chasms—jump! Creep past sneaking dragons. Find caverns full of crystals glowing with imagination.

M.D. Kenning

The Genre Underground means two things too me. It is a place I can get a story that is not cookie cutter but has its own distinct voice. It is also a place as a writer where I can network, learn from, and stregthen other Independent writers without changing what makes them distinct.

Christopher Kellen

It can be difficult to sort through the sheer weight of options in the indie publishing world. For me, the Genre Underground is a place to help recommend the books that people want to read, whether they come from one of our authors or not!